"a little place with a lot going on"

Tarbert Festivals

Tarbert Scottish Series

Tarbert certainly is a small place with a lot goig on. As a small fishing port set in the beautiful scenery of Loch Fyne and the hills and coast of Kintyre, the village hosts a number of different but very successful Festivals throughout the year. There is always a lot going on during the festivals and accommodation can be in short supply, book early to avoid disappointment. 

If your plans fall outwith the festivals, then don't worry there is still plent of things to do and see. 

Tarbert Scottish Series
The biggest sailing series in Scotland comes to Tarbert in late May or early June every year. The town's harbour is packed with sailing yachts. The restaurants, pubs and streets are full of visitors and yachts men and women alike. Licensing laws are relaxed to allow the good natured crowds to fill the streets with drinks in their hands, while relaxing before the start of the next grueling day of racing. Many of the local paths, beaches and view points give really good vantage points to see the action out in Loch Fyne. Whether or not you are involved in sailing you will be made very welcome by the local people ad businesses. 

The Tarbert Scottish Series is organised mainly by the Clyde Cruising Club and of course the Local Sailing Club. The event includes classes of yachts from Grand Prix racers to family cruisers. There are many events organised to make the events very popular with both competitors and visitors alike. 

Shore side events include a variety of music with bands appearing at local venues as well as of course the local pipe band. Clothing to celebrate the event can be obtained from the dockside. 

The photographs of the Tarbert Scottish Series used on this page were taken by Ruaridh MacCallum

Tarbert Seafood Festival Tarbert Seafood Festival
The seafood festival takes place at the beginning of July each year and attracts visitors from far and wide. The town comes alive as Tarbert businesses work together and create an interesting and welcoming environment for those who come to see or take part in the festivities. 

The local restaurants of course take advantage of the fresh fish, prawns, lobsters and shellfish that arrive on their door step by way of fishermen and fish farmers. However at the festival their is a special effort to provide a variety of delicacies and delights for the palette. 

Cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs, live concerts, prize-givings, market stalls and much more all add to the fun. 

The community of Tarbert join in the fun. The Festival Queen and her enterage arrive by boat to be crowned amongst parades and of course the ubiquitous pipe band. There is never a boring moment for adults ad children alike. 

Tarbert Music Festival
A great musical weekend where the entry to all artists events with the exception of the main event at the village hall is free. The pubs and halls come alive with all the different sounds from the many bands and artists that visit here every September. 

One of the great features is that the bands change venues throughout the festival , thus allowing you to see a variety of bands and artists if you choose to stay at your favourite venue. Alternatively you can follow your favourite band to their next venue. 

Tarbert Traditional Boat Festival
Around the end of June each year Tarbert hosts a Traditional Boat Festival with dozens of traditional boats arriving to take part. In 2014 a Viking theme was added with spectacular mock raids on the town. The festival attracts visitors to the town who are interested in traditionally built boats and many more who enjoy the spectacle of a good festival. 

Tarbert Fair
The Tarbert Fair is a very old fair. It has been in Tarbert since before the Treaty of Union over 300 years ago. It is always held at the end of July, beginning of August. 

Christmas Fair
Tarbert Christmas Fair is set to coincide with the switching on of the Christmas lights. There are also venues displaying local crafts, local food and preserves. Of course there is also Carol siging and Santa. The evening is relaxed with festive menus, mulled wine and refreshmentns.

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